JAMO has built our name on quality and customer service, and this commitment has grown even stronger over the years. Each JAMO product is manufactured using a strict, proprietary, computer-assisted quality control system. Additionally, every product undergoes rigorous testing (test data is available) by an unbiased third-party agency to ensure it meets our stringent requirements for compressive, flexural, tensile and bond strengths. That’s why professionals look to JAMO for consistent, top-quality product performance they can rely on again and again.

JAMO is dedicated to helping preserve and protect the world we share. JAMO’s CUSTOM Emerald System™ products offer a complete system of environmentally friendly and responsible options for tile setting, grouting and surface preparation. With LEED® certified Build Green® labeled Products. JAMO is just what you’re looking for to ensure regulatory compliance and to support environmental stewardship.